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Mijia White Smart Camera 

Come for accompany, stick to every moment of the home 

360°pan-shot| 1080P HD Cine | Infrared Night Vision | Multi-angle Watching | Smart Device Interactive Voice Response  

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360° Pan-shot   |  1080P HD Cine   |   Infrared Night Vision   |   Multi-angle Watching   |   Interactive Voice Response


The cute appearance will make you fall in love at first sight

When you see the White Smart Camera at the first time, you will find that it has a humanized and cute design, 

which is smart and affinity with the white body. White Smart Camera is used the SABIC substrate, so its hand-feel is 

comfortable, it is equipped with 0.8mmCNC large-scale horn hole on no-fillet fine arrangement, meanwhile, 

its coated glass lenses make the lens has a high permeability, which is very scratch-resistant. 

Such an exquisite design and pleasing appearance will make you fall in love at first sight. 

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360°pan-shot will warm every corner of the home


What is warmest is the home, what makes people concerned about is the home. The White Smart Camera will allow 

you always see every detail of your home, it has the design of dual-axis, dual-motor, and it does not have cantilever, 

so it has the flexibility like a human neck. The 85 ° vertical absolute view will allow you view what you want. The 

360 ° panoramic video will allow you see any corner of the home, if you have a White, your home will be always warm.   


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Video call allows you accompany by your family at any moment 


Accompany by your family is the best loves to them, the White Smart Camera supports the call features of two-way

voice and one-way video, both sides can turn on the non-talkback call when using it. You can begin a call by pressing a dial

key, the White Smart Camera is equipped with professional audio and DSP noise reduction. No matter you at anywhere and

in anytime, you can warmly chat with your family, you can give the most thoughtful care and best love to your family. 

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The multi-angle intelligent care protects the whole family’s safety


The White Smart Camera cannot only closely accompany, but also can become your private care housekeeper. 

When you open the smart housekeeping assistant, you can set the different care angles of the home in different times,

so that the camera can protect the whole family’s safety. By shifting detection, it can record 10 seconds of video of the 

moving object changes and give an alarm to your phone. It can timely concern the real-time dynamic of your family 

and pets, so you do not need to worry about the occurrence of danger.


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Historical video retention will keep the warm moments of home


The White Smart Camera is the caregiver of home and is also a small expert for perpetuating the warm moments. When 

you insert the micro SD card, you can record the video recorded in the camera to the card, and you also can permanently 

preserve the historical videos by transferring to the home router / NAS and other storage devices. The state of everyone 

in the family can be recorded, like your parents or the naughty dog. It is convenient for you to view at any time. 

You can reserve the warm pictures for eternal memory.



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Infrared night vision, Mom and Dad are always there


You can fully show your love to your baby through the White Smart Camera. The White Smart Camera is 

equipped with ten 940nm infrared fill lights with no light pollution and the professional infrared mask, 

you can put it on the baby bed, and use the phone to watch your baby’s sleep state in the darkness at any time. 

You do not need worry about the baby and repeatedly get up to it. 

The White Smart Camera cares about baby growth around the clock.     


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1080P full HD, professional chip


The White Smart Camera is equipped with 1080P ultra clear display resolution, 

the industry-leader-level image processing chip Ambarella S2LM and the US OV HD sensor.

Its pictures are colorful and rich, making people’s visual feel is more comfortable

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You will have more expectations to the smart white in the future 


In addition to existing functions, the White Smart Camera will be more artificial intelligent in the future.

By successive iterations, it will support more functions like TV multi-camera monitor at the same time,

PC-side monitor, and acceptance of housekeeping detection message in WeChat.

Your White will be smarter and more intelligent.



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Old people and children can easily use it by three steps


Without any complicated wiring and lengthy settings, you only need to turn on the power cord,

download the Mi smart family App and achieve the connection by following the reminder.


1.Connect the white Smart Camera to the power supply

2.Download Mi smart family App

3.Open the App to find the device and connect it for normal use


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